Oleg Gerasımenko

Oleg Gerasımenko

Oleg GERASIMENKO (Cardiff, UK)

OVG has completed his PhD in 1991 from Bogomoletz Institute of
Physiology and postdoctoral studies from The University of Liverpool,
UK. He is a Reader at Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff University,
UK and Fellow of The Physiological Society UK. He has published 90
papers in reputed journals (h-index 41) and has been serving as an
Editorial board member of Pflugers Archiv – European Journal of
Physiology and Scientific Reports.

Profile webpage:

Recent selected publications:
S Peng, … OV Gerasimenko 2018. Galactose protects against cell damage
in mouse models of acute pancreatitis. Journal of Clinical
Investigation, 128(9), pp. 3769-3778

Gerasimenko, Julia V., … Gerasimenko, Oleg V. 2017. Ca2+ signalling
underlying pancreatitis. Cell Calcium, 70, pp. 95-101.

S Peng, … OV Gerasimenko (2016) Calcium and adenosine triphosphate
control of cellular pathology: asparaginase-induced pancreatitis
elicited via protease-activated receptor 2. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B
Biol Sci. 5;371(1700). pii: 20150423.