Martyn Mahaut-Smıth

Martyn Mahaut-Smıth

Martyn MAHAUT-SMITH (Leicester, UK)

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My research career in Physiology and Pharmacology started with a PhD on voltage-gated ion channels (1983-86) under the supervision of Dr Robert Meech at the University of Bristol. This was followed by Post-Doc positions in Toronto (lymphocyte ion channels, with Dr Lyanne Schlichter), Cambridge (platelet ion channels, with Drs Tim Rink and Stewart Sage) and San Diego (calcium and cyclic nucleotide signalling, with Prof Roger Tsien). In 1992, I returned to Cambridge, funded initially by a British Heart Foundation Lectureship to continue work on platelet ion channels and calcium signalling. During this time I became fascinated by megakaryocyte function. In 2007 I moved to a Chair in Cellular Physiology at the University of Leicester. My long-standing interest in using state of the art techniques to study biological systems led to an appointment as Academic Head of Core Biotechnology Services (2015-2018) alongside teaching and research activities. In addition, as current Chair of the Disability Equality Action Group, I advocate for improved support for disabled University staff.

BSc Hons Physiology, University of Sheffield
MA, University of Cambridge
PhD, University of Bristol
Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy

I teach Physiology and Pharmacology across all years of the Biological Sciences BSc course with a focus on understanding the role of ion channels and intracellular Ca2+ signalling in the cardiovascular system. I have a particular interest in the pedagogy of third year research projects, having been the departmental and College of Life Sciences BSc project Coordinator throughout 2009-2015. I also teach masterclasses on Ca2+ signalling