Heinrich BRINKMEIER (Greifswald, Germany)

University Medicine Greifswald, Institute of Pathophysiology
Tel.: +49 3834 868100

2002 – 2019 Professor of Pathophysiology and Molecular Medicine at the University of Greifswald, Director of the Institute of Pathophysiology since May 2002
2001 – 2002 CSO at Sension GmbH, Augsburg, a diagnostics company, until April 2002 and Privatdozent and project manager at the University of Ulm
1994 – 2000 Associate Prof. at the University of Ulm, Dep. of General Physiology, Project manager of diverse research projects funded by the Deutsche Forschungs-gemeinschaft (DFG), German Ministry of Science and Technology (BMBF), Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung; project leader in the Interdisciplinary Centre of Clinical Research (IZKF).
Febr. 1998 Guest Prof. at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
1994 Habilitation in Physiology, Medical Faculty, University of Ulm, Germany
1989 – 1994 Postdoc and assistant lecturer at the University of Ulm, Dep. of General Physiology, chairman: Prof. R. Rüdel
1989 Thesis defence and Ph.D. of the University of Bielefeld, Jan. 1989, summa cum laude
1985 – 1989 PhD student at the University of Bielefeld, Dep. of Developmental Biology, chairman Prof. H. Jockusch
1979 – 1985 Studies of Biology, University of Bielefeld, Germany, special subject: devel-opmental biology, diploma degree, August 1985, very good

• Award of the Westfälisch/Lippische University Society for the Ph.D. in 1989
• Myopathy Award 1995 (half) of the German Muscular Dystrophy Associa-tion (DGM), donated by Sanofi-Winthrop Ltd.
• Langheinrich-Award 2001 of the Langheinrich Foundation, Berlin, support-ing research in the field of Multiple Sclerosis.
• Research Award 2013 of the German Duchenne Foundation, Bochum, supporting research in the field of Muscular Dystrophy.
• “Humanpreis 2018” of the German Duchenne Foundation, Bochum, sup-porting research in the field of Muscular Dystrophy.

Organization of International Workshops and Congresses
• Calcium Signalling in Muscle; International Symposium in Ulm 5.-7. Okt. 1995; Organisation together with A. Herrmann-Frank and W. Melzer.
• Calcium and Muscle Disease, International Symposium in Ulm 27. Sept. 1997; Organisation together with R. Rüdel and K. Föhr.
• Pathophysiology and Therapy in the mdx mouse. ENMC International Work-shop 21-23 January 2000 in Naarden, The Netherlands together with R. Rüdel.
• 4th Meeting of the German Muscular Dystrophy Network supported by the BMBF within the program: Rare diseases, Greifswald, 25.-28. May 2006, to-gether with M. Wehnert, Dep. of Human Genetics.
• International Workshop on Transport Processes in Neurodegenerative and Neuromuscular Diseases, Sept. 12-14, 2011 in Greifswald, together with S. Vogelgesang, Neuropathology
• International Workshop on Molecular Imaging in Medical Research, Sept. 19-21, 2013 in Greifswald

Main Lectures on International Conferences
• Endogenous “local anesthetics”: Their effects on sodium channels of nerve and muscle. Joint Congress of the Swiss Physiological Society and the German Physiological Society. Plenary lecture, March, 1996 in Zürich.
• Modulation of neuronal function by endogenous ion channel blockers in im-mune-mediated diseases of the nervous system. Annual Meeting of the Ger-man Physiological Society Plenary lecture, March, 2000 in Ulm.
• QYNAD an endogenous Na+ channel blocker from the human brain. Peptides and Receptors: From gene to Therapy. An International Multidisciplinary Sym-posium, July 29 to August 2, 2001 in Montreal.
• Gene expression, localization and function of TRP channels in mouse skeletal muscle. Plenary lecture on the European Muscle Conference in Lille, France, Sept. 2009.
• Muscular ion channels in health and disease. Plenary lecture, International Conference “Bridges of Belgrade” Theme: “Nerve, Muscle and Disease” at the American School of Medicine at Belgrade. May 3-4, 2012.
• Altered calcium handling in Duchenne muscular dystrophy and the role of TRP channels. Plenary lecture, 6th World Congress of Oxidative Stress, Calcium Regulation and TRP channels, 24.-27. May 2016 in Isparta, Turkey.
• The plant alkaloid harmaline blocks the human voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.7 expressed in CHO cells: a study using automated patch clamp. Preci-sion Medicine and Ion Channel Retreat 2017, August 9-11, 2017 in Vancouver.
• Development of stem cell based cardiac pacemaker cells for in vitro drug test-ing. Precision Medicine and Ion Channel Retreat 2019, July 24-26, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada.

Special functions
• Trust lecturer of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes
• Trust lecturer in the Tutor Programme at the University of Ulm
• Reviewer for diverse scientific Journals: Neuroscience Letters, Pflügers Ar-chive, Cell Calcium, Muscle & Nerve, J. Cell Biology, J. Applied Physiology, Acta Neuropathologica, FASEB J., etc. and expert reviewer for diverse national and international funding organizations
• Membership in Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zellbiologie, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke, Deutscher Hoch-schulverband, Biophysical Society (USA), Deutsche Duchenne-Stiftung
• Member in the scientific advisory boards of Genopia Biomedical, Saarbrücken (2000-2005) and Sension GmbH, Augsburg.
• Member of the managing boards of two scientific networks at the University of Greifswald, Molecular Medicine and Neuroscience
• Member of the scientific advisory board of the German Muscular Dystrophy As-sociation (DGM) and the German Duchenne Foundation

Sport (triathlon, distance running), mountain hiking, music (classical guitar, occasionally trum-pet), cabaret, astronomy, space research